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Weddings and Events

Amie True's musical presence is a hallmark of sophistication, gracing exclusive venues and captivating clients and audiences with her signature blend of musical finesse and opulent allure, weaving an exquisite tapestry of sophistication with every delicate pluck of her harp strings. 

Wedding Packages 

Wedding/Civil Ceremony

Embark on a regal journey down the aisle, serenaded by the elegant and luxurious harp melodies of Amie True. Her concert harp's beauty, glory, and grandeur will illuminate each significant moment: from your Guests' Entrance, The Bride's Arrival, the Signing of the Register, to your Exit as newlyweds, followed by the departure of your cherished guests, marking the culmination of your Wedding Ceremony.

Drinks Reception

Elevate your once-in-a-lifetime celebration with an entrance of unforgettable allure as your guests arrive and the celebration shimmers.

Wedding Breakfast

Enrich your beautiful love story with a bespoke, personalized musical tapestry. Amie True's elegant harp music accompanies your guests as they enter and socialize during dinner, creating an ambiance of relaxation and delight.


Draw closer to your beloved as Amie True's sentimental, romantic harp serenades intertwine with your special moments. Her music creates an intimate connection, enveloping you in an atmosphere of love and tenderness.

First Dances

Celebrate your first dance as newlyweds with a touch of grandeur and sentimentality.



Amie True's harp music extends its enchantment to the constellation of celebrations ahead of your special day from proposals and hen parties to engagements.


From the grandeur of regal events and the professionalism of business and corporate gatherings, to the elegance of art exhibitions and civic functions, Amie True's performances elevate every setting, gracing galas, funerals, wakes, private soirées, birthdays, anniversaries, religious ceremonies, afternoon teas, and festive gatherings at Christmas and New Year.

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